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The 17th Vs. Jordan OneLyfe - Battle Video & Review!

The 17th goes head to head with Jordan OneLyfe at the Heavy Hitters Event!

10/14/2014     By Admin

Hey Everyone! The 17ths Admin checking in here to give you guys an exclusive break-down on how we felt this battle went. Agree or disagree, this is how we saw it. So let's jump into this.

Round 1: The 17th comes into the first round with nothing but muftis, and disses for Jordan Onelyfe. Bar after bar his opponent is getting murdered and he's doing nothing but standing there laughing because I mean; what the hell else can you do when The 17th has come for blood?! Jordan OneLyfes verse seemed very jumbled and all over the place on this first round. Not to mention most of it was over shadowed by the crowd behind him, who wouldn't quit talking during his verses. Were they just not interested? I'm sure they herd him with his loud monotone voice and falling arms. We definitely have to give Rd 1 to The 17th for multies, personals, and performance.

Round 2: The 17th steps back in and there is just no mercy to be shown. The 17th starts attacking and breaking down Jordan OneLyfe by his cadence, pauses and distracting arm movements. It's just personal after personal, hit after hit. The 17ths opponent has become verbally turned from a human being into an ever-last punching bag. When Jordan Onelyfe begins rapping again you suddenly realize that, shit, everything The 17th said was true. This kid is repetitive, has a limited cadence and probably couldn't pay you enough to take a copy of his Album or Mix-tape. After the second round we're doing nothing but crossing our fingers that Jordan OneLyfe changes his cadence.

Round 3: Okay, by this round we've head enough! And we don't mean it in a bad way. The 17th has came through and met his objective; to totally destroy another humans rap career. After this battle you can easily see why The 17th is making as many moves as he is! Not only is he tackling the Music Industry but he is literately eating rappers alive in the battle scene. In conclusion: This was a rare treat from The 17th. We hope to see him continuing his battle career and taking on even bigger names.

Multies: The 17th
Punchlines: The 17th
Similes: The 17th
Performance: The 17th
Delivery: The 17th
Crowd Reaction: The 17th


The 17th - Hold My Own ft. Livin Proof, Cortez, Gwalla Gang

08/25/2014     By Admin

Watch the Video for "Hold My Own" feat. Cortez (of Total Slaughter), Livin Proof, Holla AtchaGwalla & Zay G - Directed by Camacho of Flawless Visuals

The 17th - Chest Tube

A look inside the 17th's near death stabbing incident

08/25/2014     By Admin

Local-Mu12 Member The 17th releases the 1st single "Chest Tube" from his upcoming album "Inside Jokes With Complete Strangers" slated for release this summer. Chest Tube is all about over coming adversity and fighting to stay alive, literally. The song is actually about the near death stabbing incident he went through and how he found beauty in an ugly situation. Catchy melodies over harsh realities, what a match.

16orBetter Cypher EP9 - The 17th, LQ, Blake Winters, HD, Passport General

The 17th on this is 50's 16 or Better Cypher series w/ Jack Thriller, Lil Cease, & Mysonne

08/25/2014     By Admin

"Cypher with bars that kill. Impressive flow patterns that make some cats rethink and want step their game up! The 17th shows that his skill is above the rest and will make anyone who has not heard him spit stop dead in their tracks! Burn tracks The 17th, you just gained a new fan." - No1. Designs

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